Chapter 116

Nothing better than spending an entire Saturday with Meana, looking through old yearbooks, watching Youtube videos, listening to music, watching NCAA basketball and laughing like crazy!!!!!!
Love this girl!!

I am officially done second year at Carleton University!!!!!!! Looking forward to a 5 month summer that is going to be filled to the rim with AWESOME!!!!!

Happy Tuesday!!!



Chapter 115

My brother posted this video on my wall last night and I instantly fell in love! The harmonies are SO beautiful!!!!! Boyce Avenue and Megan & Liz are both amazing!




Chapter 114

A couple days ago another one of my favourite blogs, blogged about photographer and designer Heather Smith. She is the creative mind behind Just Lovely Things, and let me say I have fallen in love with her headbands!!!!!!!!
Take a look!!


Chapter 113

All of last week we have had beautiful weather, then yesterday, on the FIRST day of spring, we get 10cm of snow. It makes no sense!!!!! Not realizing that it was going to snow, I decided to wear my summer scarf and celebrate the warm weather.....which did not happen!!



Chapter 112

Does anyone else get really excited on payday? Well I am hands down one of those people who loves to spend my money. OK I don't blow all my money out, I try to put at least half of my paycheck into a separate savings account where I can't touch it. Today I went downtown to pick up some new make-up and to just get out of the house for a couple hours. I ended up also buying a shirt from UO that I've wanted for a few months now and it was only 9.99$!!!!! SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sephora Correcting Smoothing Primer - 18$

Mac Pro Longwear SPF10 Foundation - 35.50$

And the madness of March has begun!!!!! I know it is completely random that I actually love watching NCAA basketball. I've grown up with the tournament in my home, and been used to having the TV reserved for 2-3 weeks by my dad and brothers. Last year I was completely devastated when Butler lost to Duke. I do love Duke, but I was really routing for Butler. Our family has, and always will be Orangemen at heart, and route for Syracuse, but I must say I really want Butler to win it this year. We are pretty much the only family in our ward who is not a BYU fan....although I must say this year they look pretty promising with Jimmer, so it will be interesting to see how far they go!

ANYWAY hope you all have an fantabulous Friday!!


Nothing better than Facebook chat with Simon


Chapter 111

Last night I found this tutorial, and automatically attempted it. It kind of failed a little, as in it looked like I had a major comb over. SO this morning I did a variation of it and IT WORKED!!!!!!! It is surprisingly easy and is a great way to get your hair out of your eyes! Try it out!!
I haven't watched Glee in the longest time, lost interest in it, BUT I still love the music. Apparently last night they sang original songs and I was very pleasantly surprised that they pulled it off.

I absolutely LOVE this one. It literally describes how I feel about so many things that have happened over the past few months! No matter how many times I try, I can't seem to fix things that I do. I just want to get it right.

Also, Kurt's version of Blackbird, PHENOMENAL!!!

His voice is by far my favourite!!!!




Chapter 110

Ever since Wednesday I have had the most disgusting cough, cold, headache, fever (finally broke on Friday), bleh. It has been awful! My voice is absolutely PATHETIC!! I sound like a little boy who is going through puberty, awesome-pawesome...not! It's weird because Wednesday morning I felt completely healthy, went to my ASL class, then all of a sudden the last half hour of my class my ears felt like I was under water, my head started pounding, and I got ridiculously cold, I couldn't stop shivering. The bus ride home was the longest ride ever! What usually takes 40 minutes, took over an hour!!! It was horrible! I even have pictures to prove how normal I was in the morning!
Nothing worse then getting ready, feeling great, loving the way you look then all of a sudden being hit with sickness....I hate winter....

Yesterday Kelsi, Andrew and I worked on the wedding invitations pretty much ALL DAY!!!!! It was surprisingly not as exhausting that I thought it would be. We sprawled on the dinning table, jamming to music. Then we relocated to the basement and watched Les Miserables (I don't think I need to mention again how amazing it is...but I will. UH-MAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). It was pretty much torture not being able to sing along, and every time I attempted I sounded like Miley Cyrus and everyone would start laughing at me, even I couldn't help myself.

Back in December, when Meana had a cold, we decided to name her cold/sick man voice "Andy". I have just decided that mine is called "Theodore". Turns out Meana is been visited by Andy, and I have been visited by Theodore, so we are having a double date soon. And yes we are that weird. I'm pretty sure we are best friends because no one else would accept our weirdness!

I don't know if I mentioned this in a past post (that sounds odd...) but oh well. I BOUGHT MY BRIDESMAID DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....and shoes!! After months of plans being messed up about dresses, Kelsi finally decided for all 7 girls to buy a black dress of their own style and then we will make a sash out of emerald green satin to wrapped around our waist and tied in the back. It is literally so impossible to describe my dress, and every time I do it sounds absolutely repulsive, when it is far from! So I will not attempt it. I am getting it tailored next week, so I will post some pictures later on! My shoes are just nude patent leather pumps and they are STUNNING! It is so hard for me not to wear them until the wedding...BOO!!!!!!! I know this is pretty shallow to say, but I get such a thrill when I purchase a knew pair of heels, makes me feel grown up.

Just look at these beauties!
Hopefully Theodore will be gone by my next post!!

Happy Sunday!



Chapter 109

I am sure that all of you have heard by now about the massive earthquake and tsunami that hit the eastern part of Japan earlier today. I was heartbroken when I heard, and immediately became saddened for everyone's loss. Then I realize that someone's life that I care deeply about could have been harmed, or even taken. See, I mentioned a few times about my best friend Tyler who is serving his full-time mission in Tokyo Japan right now, and when I realized he is serving in a suburb right on the coast, I became even more worried. Thankfully his mom just posted his email on his blog and he is SAFE! Nothing worse than fearing you've lost someone very dear to you.
Thoughts, love and prayers to Japan!!!!



Chapter 108

Just found the most incredible video from one of my favourite blogs. Watch and fall in love!!




Chapter 107

Today, in my break between classes, I went downtown since it was a beautiful day (minus the disgusting slush EVERYWHERE!!). I've been wanting to buy a new journal with some nice pensAlign Left so I could feel more creative while writing. Walked into UO and mission accomplished. Found this cute journal made from 100% recycled paper. And I also finally bought the quote book Keep Calm and Carry On. I try to live my live by this motto as much as possible, but sometimes it is just too impossible!!!
Just a couple snaps of what I wore today:

-Thrift Cardi
-Behind Sapphire tee
-velvet leggings

blah blah blah

Happy Monday!!


PS. Is anyone else in love with the new UO bags????!!!!


Chapter 106

Back in June I posted about the band Behind Sapphire from Vancouver, British Columbia. I was introduced by a mutual friend and fell in love with them! I have never met such a genuine guys in my entire life. I wasn't able to see them again until Wednesday. I have been waiting for weeks for our reunion and was thrilled to see them and catch up! Last year I only met Grant, Matthew and Steven, their bassist for some reason wasn't around when I met them, but this year I was able to meet their new electric guitarist, Lindsay, and bassist, Brayden, and they are both super chill, and just as awesome as the rest of the guys.

They are touring Canada again and stopped by Ottawa for a few days. They came to institute on Wednesday and did a little mini performance for the YSA and everyone became smitten, then again who couldn't? Then Thursday I spent the entire day with them. It was great being a tag along for the day. Skating (I've have mentioned this before...I don't skate, I walk), eating beaver tails, random performances at Carleton University, driving around Ottawa packed into the van, sound check, and their amazing performance at Mercury Lounge. And to top it all off, their last song they dedicated to Mle and Kira, and everyone for supporting and showing up for the show then.....they said my NAME!! Ok yeah it's not a huge deal, but look I have never had a song dedicated to me, so having a song partly dedicated to me (however small) was just amazing! Honestly I can not tell you how much I love these guys!!

Last year at Parliament
Being eaten by Grant's coat....

These boys!!
I got excited because I finally bought one of their t-shirts and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I made them promise that they won't make this just an annual trip, that they need to visit more often and play some more shows! Hopefully it can happen!

Here are a couple songs, take a listen, you won't regret it!

Grant Cassell - Vocals/Glockenspiel
Matthew Mazankowski - Guitar/Vocals
Steven Ward - Drums/Percussion
Brayden Pichor - Bass/Vocals
Lindsay Sjoberg - Guitar/Vocals




Chapter 105

This is what Twin Tuesdays consist of...

One of my friends was convinced when Meana does the time warp, she looks like she is doing the pigeon dance from Sesame Street. She did this prove him wrong....and this is why I love her!!

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