Chapter 188

Scenes from Christmas!

New Lens and Flash, I was excited... REALLY excited!!

It snowed (finally) so I went outside and frolicked around for a bit!

Later on, the Symonds came over and we had a relaxed Christmas with buffets and Settlers of Catan (as always!)

Little man being curious, opening his gift

His dad enjoying it more than him! 

Little man joining in the love fest.

A game of Settlers, of course


Adam and Alicia arrive this afternoon, and Andrew and Kelsi are heading back from Lindsay. So we are celebrating out second Christmas tonight, with the whole gang! Turkey, stuffing, trifle, the whole sha-bang!!!!!!


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  1. Thank you for following!! I loved going through the pages on your blog and admiring all your beautiful photos! I'm following you back! I'm Berni by the way, nice to kind-of meet you :)


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