Chapter 186

A couple months ago I asked my boss if it would be ok, if during Christmas break I could work 10-15 hrs a week, instead of my regular 25-30. This past week I have enjoyed all the free time I have had to read for the pleasure of reading. I think that because I'm taking the year off from school, I would have so much free time. But I was shocked that it almost seems like I have less!! In the past week I have read 2 books, and I am starting my third as soon as I finish this post. Sometimes I forget how much I love reading, then I am quickly reminded. I sit there at 1 AM telling myself: "Ok just ONE more chapter then I'm going to bed." or "I am for real putting this book down after this page." And 2 hours later I am still reading. I kind of compete against myself and see how many books I can read compared to last years Christmas break. 

The book that I just finished was Kathryn Stockett's "The Help". There are so many things about this book that would usually disappoint me, but for some reason I was completely satisfied with everything!!! I just love the contrast of how serious the subject is, and beautifully written it is, with how extremely funny and light hearted it is. Some chapters I was extremely frustrated with, but I would be dying of laughter within the next 10 pages. I originally picked up the book because I wanted so desperately to see the movie, and I was not going to allow myself to watch it until I read it. I highly recommend this novel. It is just absolutely beautiful, in every aspect!!!! 


Yesterday my momma and I went to Chapters just to pick up some things. I swear I could spends HOURS in that book store!!!!!! I had 4 books in my hand, but after a rather lengthy inner struggle, I only bought 2. The book that I am starting now is Jerry Spinelli's "Milkweed". I am super excited to start this one! Looks like a quick read and I hope to be done in a couple days.

Well in a few hours I will be eating at our annual "Christmas Eve Buffet" while watching "It's a Wonderful Life"!!! Ha I make it sound so fancy, when in reality the fam and I changed into our PJs and eat off paper plates. I wouldn't have it any other way.


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