Chapter 184

Last night, Meana and I went off to see Santa :) I hadn't seen him in years, so it was a great reunion!!!!!!! Although the BIGGEST disappointment of life happened. He didn't ask us what we wanted for Christmas!! I was shocked! We had both thought of what we wanted and were shell shock that we didn't get to voice it! Well I asked through my heart! You better pull through big guy!!!

Meana has been driving a red Saturn (from the 80s?) for a bit over a year now, and today it is going to car heaven! So we had a little joy ride around Orleans... while it was freezing rain!!!

And yes the car is literally falling apart! But I love it! So many memories!!!! It will be missed!

Super sad to loosed this guy!!


So after we had a little adventure (not really, just Metro), we headed to my place, watched Elf, Harry Potter and ate gummy bears and smart food. It's tradition!!!

I still can't believe Christmas is in 3 DAYS!! And still there is ZERO snow on the ground!! I swear there is something wrong with me: I actually don't mind if we have a green Christmas. Weird, I know!!!

Hope you all are ready for the holidays!!!


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