Chapter 183

Sunday was a good day. Not only was it our Christmas program at church, but I was reunited with friends that have been away for school. Everyone was together again. I've missed these girls dearly! We all grew up together in YW. It was great to catch up, laugh and talk about boys. We realized as we were talking that we are SUCH typical YSA girls. Giggling and talking boys that we are interested in/dating. The next couple weeks will be special with them here!!

Amaru, Vicky, Ariana, Chelsea, Laura, Me, Brigitte and Dayna

Reunions are always the best! Laura and I are already planning my trip down to Lethbridge in February. I am so excited!!!!

This picture was taken 3 1/2 years ago at a youth conference. I can't believe how quickly time truly does fly!!


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