Chapter 182

Thursday. Morgan's birthday dinner. Hard Rock Cafe.

Thursday night was so fun, but was also sad at the same time! I met Morgan Pringle at the beginning of this past summer. She moved here from Victoria, BC, to be nanny. We hit it off right away. you know when you meet someone for the first time, but it feels like you are talking to an old friend? That's I felt when I first met her! I am so happy that I had the opportunity to get to know her these past few months. She is definitely a kindred spirit (Anne of Green Gables reference anyone?) Well she is now on a flight back home :( I know she will be coming back, already counting the days!!

We sat in the Police booth at Hard Rock. I was soo thrilled about it! Totally have that record myself :D


LOVE her!

So Morgan was turning 19, so we had virgin Pina Coladas! They were divine!!!

Dayla sipping away!

Hello Kitty dominoes from Day

Headband I made for her

Purse I bought her. She is always commenting on my floral bags, so I bought her one!



Her birthday Sundae she couldn't eat.. stupid allergies!

Me: out of focus, Day: blinking, Morgan: pretty as always!

This picture makes me laugh! Morgan doesn't know how to take pictures with a DSLR, so she by accident covered the flash. Perfectly covers Day!

At dinner Morgan gave me my Christmas present!! She bought me some "Keep Calm and Carry On" band-aids because I am always complaining about cutting myself at work.

AND an Audrey Hepburn necklace!!!!

Have a safe flight Morgan! I miss you already!!


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  1. #1) I have always wanted to try a pina colada. They look delicious!
    #2) You are absolutely adorable, as are your sweet friends
    #3) What great gifts! I love the purse you gave Morgan and the necklace she gave you!
    Saying goodbye is never easy... "see you soon" is so much better!


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