Chapter 180

This week I am grateful for the true spirit of Christmas. Tonight, along with some YSAs, I watched the First Presidency Christmas devotional. I always know Christmas is near when we watch it. Can you believe it is only 3 weeks away? And there is still no snow here???! But anyways, I am so grateful for my Saviour Jesus Christ, and for the sacrifice he gave for all of us. The First Presidency introduced a new project the church has been working on for a few months now. Short segments directly from scripture, that were filmed in that area of the world where they took place. Here is the segment they showed tonight. Definitely a must see!!

I forever will be grateful for the events that are portrayed in this video. Such a perfect miracle given to all of us!

More will be posted soon. There are a few on this website already, and I suggest you all take a look!!

Christmas is not about the presents, but about His presence.


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