Chapter 188

Scenes from Christmas!

New Lens and Flash, I was excited... REALLY excited!!

It snowed (finally) so I went outside and frolicked around for a bit!

Later on, the Symonds came over and we had a relaxed Christmas with buffets and Settlers of Catan (as always!)

Little man being curious, opening his gift

His dad enjoying it more than him! 

Little man joining in the love fest.

A game of Settlers, of course


Adam and Alicia arrive this afternoon, and Andrew and Kelsi are heading back from Lindsay. So we are celebrating out second Christmas tonight, with the whole gang! Turkey, stuffing, trifle, the whole sha-bang!!!!!!



Chapter 187


Chapter 186

A couple months ago I asked my boss if it would be ok, if during Christmas break I could work 10-15 hrs a week, instead of my regular 25-30. This past week I have enjoyed all the free time I have had to read for the pleasure of reading. I think that because I'm taking the year off from school, I would have so much free time. But I was shocked that it almost seems like I have less!! In the past week I have read 2 books, and I am starting my third as soon as I finish this post. Sometimes I forget how much I love reading, then I am quickly reminded. I sit there at 1 AM telling myself: "Ok just ONE more chapter then I'm going to bed." or "I am for real putting this book down after this page." And 2 hours later I am still reading. I kind of compete against myself and see how many books I can read compared to last years Christmas break. 

The book that I just finished was Kathryn Stockett's "The Help". There are so many things about this book that would usually disappoint me, but for some reason I was completely satisfied with everything!!! I just love the contrast of how serious the subject is, and beautifully written it is, with how extremely funny and light hearted it is. Some chapters I was extremely frustrated with, but I would be dying of laughter within the next 10 pages. I originally picked up the book because I wanted so desperately to see the movie, and I was not going to allow myself to watch it until I read it. I highly recommend this novel. It is just absolutely beautiful, in every aspect!!!! 


Yesterday my momma and I went to Chapters just to pick up some things. I swear I could spends HOURS in that book store!!!!!! I had 4 books in my hand, but after a rather lengthy inner struggle, I only bought 2. The book that I am starting now is Jerry Spinelli's "Milkweed". I am super excited to start this one! Looks like a quick read and I hope to be done in a couple days.

Well in a few hours I will be eating at our annual "Christmas Eve Buffet" while watching "It's a Wonderful Life"!!! Ha I make it sound so fancy, when in reality the fam and I changed into our PJs and eat off paper plates. I wouldn't have it any other way.


Chapter 185

Every time I hear this song, all I can picture is Katniss taking care of Peeta!!!

Absolute perfection! Only 3 months to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Christmas Eve everyone!!


PS. We finally got snow here! But the pretty kind of snow. Only a little dusting :)


Chapter 184

Last night, Meana and I went off to see Santa :) I hadn't seen him in years, so it was a great reunion!!!!!!! Although the BIGGEST disappointment of life happened. He didn't ask us what we wanted for Christmas!! I was shocked! We had both thought of what we wanted and were shell shock that we didn't get to voice it! Well I asked through my heart! You better pull through big guy!!!

Meana has been driving a red Saturn (from the 80s?) for a bit over a year now, and today it is going to car heaven! So we had a little joy ride around Orleans... while it was freezing rain!!!

And yes the car is literally falling apart! But I love it! So many memories!!!! It will be missed!

Super sad to loosed this guy!!


So after we had a little adventure (not really, just Metro), we headed to my place, watched Elf, Harry Potter and ate gummy bears and smart food. It's tradition!!!

I still can't believe Christmas is in 3 DAYS!! And still there is ZERO snow on the ground!! I swear there is something wrong with me: I actually don't mind if we have a green Christmas. Weird, I know!!!

Hope you all are ready for the holidays!!!



Chapter 183

Sunday was a good day. Not only was it our Christmas program at church, but I was reunited with friends that have been away for school. Everyone was together again. I've missed these girls dearly! We all grew up together in YW. It was great to catch up, laugh and talk about boys. We realized as we were talking that we are SUCH typical YSA girls. Giggling and talking boys that we are interested in/dating. The next couple weeks will be special with them here!!

Amaru, Vicky, Ariana, Chelsea, Laura, Me, Brigitte and Dayna

Reunions are always the best! Laura and I are already planning my trip down to Lethbridge in February. I am so excited!!!!

This picture was taken 3 1/2 years ago at a youth conference. I can't believe how quickly time truly does fly!!



Chapter 182

Thursday. Morgan's birthday dinner. Hard Rock Cafe.

Thursday night was so fun, but was also sad at the same time! I met Morgan Pringle at the beginning of this past summer. She moved here from Victoria, BC, to be nanny. We hit it off right away. you know when you meet someone for the first time, but it feels like you are talking to an old friend? That's I felt when I first met her! I am so happy that I had the opportunity to get to know her these past few months. She is definitely a kindred spirit (Anne of Green Gables reference anyone?) Well she is now on a flight back home :( I know she will be coming back, already counting the days!!

We sat in the Police booth at Hard Rock. I was soo thrilled about it! Totally have that record myself :D


LOVE her!

So Morgan was turning 19, so we had virgin Pina Coladas! They were divine!!!

Dayla sipping away!

Hello Kitty dominoes from Day

Headband I made for her

Purse I bought her. She is always commenting on my floral bags, so I bought her one!



Her birthday Sundae she couldn't eat.. stupid allergies!

Me: out of focus, Day: blinking, Morgan: pretty as always!

This picture makes me laugh! Morgan doesn't know how to take pictures with a DSLR, so she by accident covered the flash. Perfectly covers Day!

At dinner Morgan gave me my Christmas present!! She bought me some "Keep Calm and Carry On" band-aids because I am always complaining about cutting myself at work.

AND an Audrey Hepburn necklace!!!!

Have a safe flight Morgan! I miss you already!!


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