Chapter 178

This week has been an emotional roller coaster! Filled with great moments, and extremely sad ones! Thursday morning, Kelsi's mom passed away. She is a beautiful woman, only 50 and was too awesome to be living on this earth any longer. I have never had a death hit me so hard before. Not even my grandpa's. It was completely out of blue, no one suspected a thing. I'm sure the reunion with her mom and sister, was a happy one on the other side. Mom and I went down to Lindsay on Monday for the funeral, and stayed a couple days. The service was beautiful. It was great to spend time with the Bradley's and see how much they are pulling together as a family! They are such amazing people!

The highs of this week were: Christmas shopping with Colleen, spending a day with Morgan and Dayla, spending a few days with the Bradleys, and being able to see my dear buddies Behind Sapphire!! I have posted about them here and here, and if you haven't read the posts, I suggest you do that!! There are such sweethearts! Unfortunately we didn't get to hang out on the Saturday that they were in town, but I was able to catch up with them in Sunday at YSA. It was rather entertaining to see how girls are all over them at YSA. I guess I am one of those girls, but in a way no.. I just love their company! I loved spending the little time I had with them! Next time you come down boys, we need to hang out more!!!!!!!! :)

So a little bit of a roller coaster of a week. Quite a bit happened. The next week I will be back on track with posting, I've just been a little everywhere lately.


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