Chapter 177

I totally just realized that I haven't mentioned the most exciting news ever!! I finally bought a sewing machine! It's been a long time coming, since I haven't sewn since grade 11 and I have missed it every single day! Definitely an investment that is way worth it! So here is my old room, turned into guest room, and temporarily turned into a sewing room. My mom already has plans to make my new room into her sewing room when I move out.. which isn't any time soon. Thanks mother dearest :)

In other news I bought a super adorable camera bag/purse! It's the perfect size and exactly what I have been looking for, and it was only $23! BOOYAAAH!!!!!!!!

Finally bought a felt floppy hat! Been wanting one for a couple years now!!!!! So all in all I'm happy!



  1. oh my goodness is that a bernina? i'm so excited for you...and jealous. you are the greatest and i miss you. and i will be eternally envious of how well you pull of a felt floppy hat.

  2. No, it's a Janome :) It's my little baby !! Thanks Melissa!!! I miss you too!!!!!


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