Chapter 174

So I have decided since I have been lacking tremendously in the blogging area that I am going to have a more structure concept so it will force me to blog more often!!! So far I only have three days figured out: 

Grateful for Sunday - Every Sunday I'll just do a quick little post of something I that I have specifically being grateful for in the past week.
What I wore Wednesday - Pretty redundant, doesn't need an explanation! 
Addiction Saturday - These posts will consist of pictures of things that I have WAY too many of, but can't help buying more. Trust me you'll be entertained.

So here we go!

A Scarf Post.

My name is Rebekah and I am a scarfaholic! I noticed that the amount of scarves I have, keep growing and growing... and growing! They are everywhere! This is no exaggeration, EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!! They hang on both ends of my closet. I have them on hooks under my window (that are meant for headbands), hooks that are meant for my purses, hanging off a shelf (meant for my necklaces) and a couple just thrown on the floor!! Oh deary me, I can't help it!!!!! And the crazy thing is, I actually wear every single one of them!!!

I totally just realized, that there are still more in the coat closet downstairs. Gah so many scarves!!! But hey, I can't help it. Sometimes I don't even realize until I get home that I have bought 2 more. I guess I just black out in stores, run to the scarf section and die!


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  1. Way too many scarves, for sure. You are welcome for the use of my tripod, btw.


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