Chapter 178

This week has been an emotional roller coaster! Filled with great moments, and extremely sad ones! Thursday morning, Kelsi's mom passed away. She is a beautiful woman, only 50 and was too awesome to be living on this earth any longer. I have never had a death hit me so hard before. Not even my grandpa's. It was completely out of blue, no one suspected a thing. I'm sure the reunion with her mom and sister, was a happy one on the other side. Mom and I went down to Lindsay on Monday for the funeral, and stayed a couple days. The service was beautiful. It was great to spend time with the Bradley's and see how much they are pulling together as a family! They are such amazing people!

The highs of this week were: Christmas shopping with Colleen, spending a day with Morgan and Dayla, spending a few days with the Bradleys, and being able to see my dear buddies Behind Sapphire!! I have posted about them here and here, and if you haven't read the posts, I suggest you do that!! There are such sweethearts! Unfortunately we didn't get to hang out on the Saturday that they were in town, but I was able to catch up with them in Sunday at YSA. It was rather entertaining to see how girls are all over them at YSA. I guess I am one of those girls, but in a way no.. I just love their company! I loved spending the little time I had with them! Next time you come down boys, we need to hang out more!!!!!!!! :)

So a little bit of a roller coaster of a week. Quite a bit happened. The next week I will be back on track with posting, I've just been a little everywhere lately.



Chapter 177

I totally just realized that I haven't mentioned the most exciting news ever!! I finally bought a sewing machine! It's been a long time coming, since I haven't sewn since grade 11 and I have missed it every single day! Definitely an investment that is way worth it! So here is my old room, turned into guest room, and temporarily turned into a sewing room. My mom already has plans to make my new room into her sewing room when I move out.. which isn't any time soon. Thanks mother dearest :)

In other news I bought a super adorable camera bag/purse! It's the perfect size and exactly what I have been looking for, and it was only $23! BOOYAAAH!!!!!!!!

Finally bought a felt floppy hat! Been wanting one for a couple years now!!!!! So all in all I'm happy!



Chapter 176

I have been obsessed with this song for the longest time and this cover is just absolutely beautiful! It makes me quite teary eyed just watching it! SO flawless!

Just a random blurb, but I have decided that confusion is the most awkward state of mind to be in. I am one that tends to over analyze WAY too much and when things don't go the way I planned, I kind of have a mini freak attack at life. Gosh just thinking about this situation gives me the aggravating mess of emotions! Happiness, anxiety, frustration, confusion, confusion, confusion! I will not mess up this friendship, I will not!



Chapter 175

This week I am grateful for reunions with the bestie! Rugby, work and school have been taking up Meana's life, while work, YSA and movies with Roberto have taken up mine. She turned the big 2-0 on Wednesday and we wanted to do something special and different. So we created a new tradition for us. "Bestie Birthday Brunch" at Cora's!!!! I came up with the idea while we were eating, and I was embarrassingly proud of myself. Cora's is actually the most incredible restaurant ever! They only serve breakfast, and make the most delicious crepes EVER!!!!!


She was a sleepy one! Crashed on the bed!

So I did what any friend would do, take pictures and try to wake them up :)

Have a beautiful Sunday!



Chapter 174

So I have decided since I have been lacking tremendously in the blogging area that I am going to have a more structure concept so it will force me to blog more often!!! So far I only have three days figured out: 

Grateful for Sunday - Every Sunday I'll just do a quick little post of something I that I have specifically being grateful for in the past week.
What I wore Wednesday - Pretty redundant, doesn't need an explanation! 
Addiction Saturday - These posts will consist of pictures of things that I have WAY too many of, but can't help buying more. Trust me you'll be entertained.

So here we go!

A Scarf Post.

My name is Rebekah and I am a scarfaholic! I noticed that the amount of scarves I have, keep growing and growing... and growing! They are everywhere! This is no exaggeration, EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!! They hang on both ends of my closet. I have them on hooks under my window (that are meant for headbands), hooks that are meant for my purses, hanging off a shelf (meant for my necklaces) and a couple just thrown on the floor!! Oh deary me, I can't help it!!!!! And the crazy thing is, I actually wear every single one of them!!!

I totally just realized, that there are still more in the coat closet downstairs. Gah so many scarves!!! But hey, I can't help it. Sometimes I don't even realize until I get home that I have bought 2 more. I guess I just black out in stores, run to the scarf section and die!



Chapter 173

Last week we put the tree up, and the house finally smells and looks like Christmas!!!!! I simply love this time of year!!!!!!!! 

Favourite time of year is fast approaching!!



Chapter 172

I swear I am a 12 year old! One Direction is just perfection! 

That is all.

Oh and sorry for my huge lack of posting! There will be a monster of a post soon! I promise!!


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