Chapter 167

Reasons why I love October!

My favourite month of the year is FINALLY here!!!!!!!! I am big fan of crisp autumn days, when I have to wear chunky cardis, thick scarves, fuzzy socks, and headbands to keep my ears toasty! But there are many other reasons why October is my fave!

1. Leaves start to fall off the trees, and crunch when I walk on them (and yes I am one of those people who goes out of my way if I see a pile of leaves that looked deliciously crunchy on my walks)
2. APPLE CIDER!!!! Honestly can't get enough of this stuff... literally!
3. The weather is finally cold enough for it to be comfortable to wear warm slippers again
4. Planning for Halloween
5. Actual Halloween
6. The smell of fresh autumn air!
7. It is completely OK for me to walk into Starbucks and order a hot chocolate!
8. Dark lipsticks, and nail polish
9. But most importantly GENERAL CONFERENCE!!

I have felt so inspired, comforted and calm while watching Conference! And I am quite sad to think that today is the last day!!

On a totally random note I had an amazing dream last. Well a dream that I thought was real, woke up and was extremely happy. Then I realized it was a dream. DANG IT!!!!

Also the day before yesterday, I had the most random and incredible experience! In the space of 3 hours I saw 3 girls that I used to be best friends in High School! It was as if nothing had changed and a whirlwind of memories just came rushing back to me! So what did I do yesterday during the 2 hour break of Conference? Looked at all my pictures from High School. As much as I am glad to be done with the drama and the stupid boys, I must admit I do miss the carelessness and amazing friends I had during those 4 years!



Well that was a long enough trip down memory lane!

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend!!


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  1. I like October for a million other reasons (being in the Southern Hemisphere!)
    Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage


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