Chapter 166

Yesterday was a great day. Went to 2 fast and testimony meetings, spent my last Sunday in my home ward, got a new calling in YSA, bore my testimony, felt very calm and at peace during Sunday school and Relief Society, had a great chat with a friend, met a couple new people, and surprised a dear friend!

I would also like to add, Saturday night's General Relief Society meeting was incredible! I loved all the talks, but especially President Uchtdorf's. I was so happy that my favourite general authority spoke, and that his message really hit home. The hours even minutes leading up to the broadcast were not pretty. I was in a bit of an emotional unstable place and felt awful. I couldn't help but feel bad for myself during the whole broadcast, that is until President Uchtdorf spoke. I highly recommend that you find it online and either read or watch it. It was just such a booster!!!!!!!!

Hope you have a great Monday!


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