Chapter 162

HELLO EVERYONE!!!! SO I am finally back from Maine, and let me just say that the past 2 1/2 weeks have been the best of this entire year! It was just what I needed, but I must admit that I am ready to get back to normal life... well whatever "normal life" is for me right now. I'm headed back to work on Monday, and already I am looking forward to my mini vaca in December to visit Laura, with Brigitte. It's weird seeing all my friends starting school, and me just coasting. Although I am UBER looking forward to the next year. I'm planning on taking a photography class in the spring to see if that is something I truly want to do.

ANYWAYS! Maine was just perfect! First week I was able to spend with Jess and it was amazing!!! The next week Andrew and Kelsi came down and it was just as fun!

The beach!


Bed <3

Little Gwynn!


Lime Ricki, the BEST!


Big smiles

Already counting the days until I return!



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