Chapter 166

Yesterday was a great day. Went to 2 fast and testimony meetings, spent my last Sunday in my home ward, got a new calling in YSA, bore my testimony, felt very calm and at peace during Sunday school and Relief Society, had a great chat with a friend, met a couple new people, and surprised a dear friend!

I would also like to add, Saturday night's General Relief Society meeting was incredible! I loved all the talks, but especially President Uchtdorf's. I was so happy that my favourite general authority spoke, and that his message really hit home. The hours even minutes leading up to the broadcast were not pretty. I was in a bit of an emotional unstable place and felt awful. I couldn't help but feel bad for myself during the whole broadcast, that is until President Uchtdorf spoke. I highly recommend that you find it online and either read or watch it. It was just such a booster!!!!!!!!

Hope you have a great Monday!



Chapter 165

Is it just me, or does it seem that some songwriters are just sitting on a couch watching your life and decide to turn it into a song? I swear in the past couple weeks, every single album I have bought has had something to do with my life! The pathetic thing is majority of the songs are mushy-gushy cliche love songs. Oh dear I am turning into one of those typical girls who go super emotional over a little itty bitty heart break. Hold on "itty-bitty"? Uh let's just say that's an understatement! I've spent the past few months being strong and feeling totally fine with the whole "break up situation", now I realize why it was so easy. I didn't have to deal with seeing him around. He had spent the entire summer out of town and only got back a few days after I did from Maine. I feel so pathetic and weak for letting the littlest things affect me, causing me to sleep with my teddy bear and cry. I can't help but think how different things could have been.

Ok that's enough "feel sorry for little heart broken Rebekah". SO here are my down in the dumps heart break songs, that surprisingly make me feel so much better. Odd, I know!

Ok for this one let me clarify. The whole song applies.. except for the line "No we can't be friends" I don't want anything more than to be friends. It sucks that so far that has failed.

All in all, I am determined to be happy and get past the "awkward looking at each other, not talking phase." Hopefully sooner rather than later.



Chapter 164

I thought it was about time that I did a haul on everything I bought in Maine!! I didn't take a picture of every little thing I bought, but you get the idea :)
Left to right: HM, thrifted, HM, HM
Left to Right: Target, HM, HM, Target
Left to Right: F21, HM, thrifted, thrifted
Left to Right: Old Navy, LL Bean, Dress Barn, Van Heusen
Both thrifted
Top to Bottom: Aldo, Aldo, HM, Aldo, Aldo

Left to Right: LL Bean, F21

I also bought a bunch of jewelry and a couple pairs of jeans. I finally bought a pair of Levi skinnies! And let me say they are the comfiest jeans EVER!!!!!

During my break on Saturday I decided to walk around the mall. Ended up buying Armageddon and The Last Song, along with these two adorable circle scarves (and yes I do have a major problem with scarves!)
Both from Ardene's

Hope you all had an incredible Monday!!



Chapter 163

Today I am off to Melinda's wedding! Tried something a little different with my hair, and I am pretty thrilled with it!

Although I am having a little bit of a dilemma... red lipstick or pink? So frustrating!!!! .. Oh dear that sounds extremely artificial of me.. ah well!

Enjoy your Saturday!



Chapter 162

HELLO EVERYONE!!!! SO I am finally back from Maine, and let me just say that the past 2 1/2 weeks have been the best of this entire year! It was just what I needed, but I must admit that I am ready to get back to normal life... well whatever "normal life" is for me right now. I'm headed back to work on Monday, and already I am looking forward to my mini vaca in December to visit Laura, with Brigitte. It's weird seeing all my friends starting school, and me just coasting. Although I am UBER looking forward to the next year. I'm planning on taking a photography class in the spring to see if that is something I truly want to do.

ANYWAYS! Maine was just perfect! First week I was able to spend with Jess and it was amazing!!! The next week Andrew and Kelsi came down and it was just as fun!

The beach!


Bed <3

Little Gwynn!


Lime Ricki, the BEST!


Big smiles

Already counting the days until I return!



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