Chapter 159

Last Thursday. A random fail of a day. Let me explain. Ever Thursday night after 5, majority of museums are free. So Meana and I wanted to go to the Science and Tech museum. Got home from work, looked online, and oh look, closes at 5. GREAT! So we started searching for other museums. Museum of Civilization is a pain to get to, the War museum is smack downtown, Museum of Nature already been to, so that left the Aviation Museum. We completely forgot about it and got super pumped about going. So we checked online and sure enough it said they were open until 9 and free after 5. 4:45 we show up and just walk in. No more than 5 minutes in the museum that an announcement comes on saying they're now closed.

Well that is just straight up frustrating. So back on the parkway we went, well that is we were supposed to go back on the parkway, but accidentally missed the turn. We sort of, kind of got lost, and after what seemed like forever, finally made it back to the parkway. Meana randomly stopped the car and got out... and ran to the park. SO we went on the swings and acted like children, while having a mini heart to heart.

Then we got a little bored, so we headed to JUICE MONKEY!!!!! Honestly the best place ever!!! You make your own smoothie, fro-yo and then you get to sit down in the coolest lounge area and play games!!! Super chill!!!

All in all, great fail of a day!


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  1. Dude I totally forgot about the aviation museum!! I've been working at a helicopter repair shop this summer so I think I have to hit this up when I get back. I might actually find it interesting this time around! Glad you could turn that fail upside down into a fun time!


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