Chapter 147

I was in an extremely "crafty" mood this weekend. So off to Michael's I went. Bought 40$ worth of ribbons and embellishments. Then I headed to Dollarama (Oh yeah baby!) and bought some napkins to make some super cute flowers. Saw this cute tutorial and I knew I had to try it out, so I did!

Then today I just spent a couple hours making some headbands, and I must say I am pretty darn tooting proud of myself!

Yay for homemade goodies!!!!

I will definitely be posting some more, found a new hobby that's for sure!

Have a great Sunday!



  1. Dude you totally need to hit up fabric land. I went there with Jenn the other day and way blown away with all the amazing ribbons and embellishments. In fact, I've made a few flippin' cute headbands of my own too! I'll have to show 'em to you!

  2. Woah. You are a really, really awesome person. I LOVE those headbands. You could probably sell them, or something.

    Awesome blog, girl!



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