Chapter 145

The weekend low-down

Saturday: Pool party with Jill, Meana and Erica.

Sunday: Father's Day at Larson's

Bought my dad a pair of Oakley Livestrong Sunglasses (CH-CHING!) and a bottle of A&W root beer just for him!

Monday: Went to Rollins for FHE to visit them and the Moffats!!

Tuesday: Went shopping with [K]elsi and watched Little Rascals with her and Kandrew.

The next few weeks are going to be pack full with fun! Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Railway Children Musical (both in Toronto), Canada Day (Prince William and Kate WOOO!!!!), Palmyra Pageant, and I just received some fantastical news that my boyfriend is coming home early from Alberta this summer!! He was planning on returning end of August, so I wouldn't see him until after Labour Day (since I will be in Maine), but plans have changed and he is actually coming back middle-end of July!!!!!!!!!!! TOO EXCITED!!!

Hope you all are having a great start to the week!!!


ps. Sorry majority of the pictures are in Black and white, these are all from Facebook, and I am doing this "Monochrome Summer" thingy..


  1. looks like a fun filled weekend! don't you love summer, where you can lounge by the water? :)


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