Chapter 140

So I may have chopped all my hair off. By "may", I mean did, and by "all", I mean 11 inches!!! Randomly decided at work on Wednesday: "Hey why not cut my hair short?" So that night I went home, looked for pictures of what I wanted, and booked an appointment with Patricia for Thursday.

I was working 9-3 Thursday, so pretty much the ENTIRE shift I was second guessing myself. Then 3 o'clock came along and I got UBER excited!!!! Momma picked me up and we went straight to the salon. I walked in the doors and the first thing my hairdresser says is: "So what are we doing today? You're going to scare me aren't you?" I nodded and showed her the pictures, and she was pretty much speechless.

She washed my hair (which seemed to take forever!!) sat me in the chair and was hesitating as she took my first piece of hair. See when it comes to cutting my hair, I have never done anything super risky. I have had the same 3 hairstyles for the past 8 years, but nothing crazy short. Surprisingly enough, when I make my mind up about changing my hair, I am really calm about it. If I don't like it, it will grow. So the deed is done and I love my hair!!!!!!!

Farewell to a decade....
...and hello to a new one!

By far my favourite look with The Bob, teeny-tiny pony with my bangs curled :)

These are the first pictures I have posted anywhere online, I want to keep it off of Facebook for as long as possible just to bug people.

I had to show Meana though, just because she's the bestie. So I went on Skype, and we were entertaining ourselves with her affects on her webcam.

Anyways, I must get going, spending the day with (K)elsi!



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  1. Your bangs look so cute curled up like that! I'd love to learn how to do that!



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