Chapter 149

Don't ask why, but I am in such a "smiley face mood" today. Even after a not-so-pleasant 6 hour shift, I am still uber happy. Oh maybe I know why, maybe it is the fact that I am getting a free iPhone4, or perhaps that I got a surprise letter from my best friend serving a mission in Tokyo, or maybe because I am completely delighted with my new found love for homemade goodies, or maybe that in just a few more weeks I will be reunited with my sweetheart! I guess all in all my life is just going perfectly right now that there is no reason not to smile!

"You're never fully dressed without a smile!"



Chapter 148

After a couple of days of thinking, and being persuaded by a few friends, I have officially decided to sell my headbands on Etsy. I'm not expecting much, but I thought it would be fun to try out. I just spent the day in Kensington Market, downtown Toronto, buying some more supplies, and I will be making more this week.

I will keep you all posted on what is to come, and be sure to keep checking in :) A little teaser, the name I have chosen is:

But for now I will just keep you all curious.


PS. Robert Pattinson is legit a few meters down the street from my brother's apartment. There is sets and equipment everywhere, pretty cool. Too bad I hate his stinking guts. He makes me vomit. He is scum between my toes. Love Alfalfa.. uh I mean Rebekah (Little Rascals... anyone... ANYONE?)


Chapter 147

I was in an extremely "crafty" mood this weekend. So off to Michael's I went. Bought 40$ worth of ribbons and embellishments. Then I headed to Dollarama (Oh yeah baby!) and bought some napkins to make some super cute flowers. Saw this cute tutorial and I knew I had to try it out, so I did!

Then today I just spent a couple hours making some headbands, and I must say I am pretty darn tooting proud of myself!

Yay for homemade goodies!!!!

I will definitely be posting some more, found a new hobby that's for sure!

Have a great Sunday!



Chapter 146

Worked 9-1:30, got frustrated shopping for modest church clothes, got a call from momma, ended up going to Value Village with her and Kelsi. I got an additional 30% off my entire purchase because all together we spent over 100$!!!!!

2.99 for first two, floral 7.00$ from Aldo (bought Tuesday with Kelsi)

1.99 Brooch

Headbands (also from Aldo) 2 for 5$

1.99 each

6.99 Leather Oxfords <3

2.99 Canada Day Shirt

3.99 Stripped knit

2.99 Eyelet/Lace tee


Hope you are all having a great week!!!



Chapter 145

The weekend low-down

Saturday: Pool party with Jill, Meana and Erica.

Sunday: Father's Day at Larson's

Bought my dad a pair of Oakley Livestrong Sunglasses (CH-CHING!) and a bottle of A&W root beer just for him!

Monday: Went to Rollins for FHE to visit them and the Moffats!!

Tuesday: Went shopping with [K]elsi and watched Little Rascals with her and Kandrew.

The next few weeks are going to be pack full with fun! Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Railway Children Musical (both in Toronto), Canada Day (Prince William and Kate WOOO!!!!), Palmyra Pageant, and I just received some fantastical news that my boyfriend is coming home early from Alberta this summer!! He was planning on returning end of August, so I wouldn't see him until after Labour Day (since I will be in Maine), but plans have changed and he is actually coming back middle-end of July!!!!!!!!!!! TOO EXCITED!!!

Hope you all are having a great start to the week!!!


ps. Sorry majority of the pictures are in Black and white, these are all from Facebook, and I am doing this "Monochrome Summer" thingy..


Chapter 144

Happy Father's Day, pops! Love you!

igotmorecookies:  tigerlilywho:  aikeezyfosheezy:   dad, thank you for being there for me.  The third one. I’m gon cry. My dad and I used to be so close.  to the man who loves me the most, and will always love me no matter what  to the coolest dad ever, I LOVE YOUUU! ♥

Love your daughter,



Chapter 143

Sometimes I:
  • get dolled up after a long day at work
  • take a mini photoshoot with me, myself, and my webcam
  • have root beer tea parties with my girlfriends
  • go out of my way to get a Freshly Squeezed strawberry banana smoothie
  • play Apples to Apples
  • laugh until I cry
  • actually cry while watching Harry Potter montages
  • forget my camera at home, when I should bring it places
  • have heart to hearts with my little sister
  • listen to The Phantom of the Opera for an entire week

Because Zooey Deschanel is my inspiration, and I stumbled upon this picture on Tumblr, thought you all needed to see her amazingness in a photo!!
Today I am headed to Jill's for a pool party, and some much needed catching up with my girlfriends from high school! Should be a blast!! And this time I will remember to bring my camera....




Chapter 142

Went to Value Village with Momma yesterday!! Bought some goodies :)

This shirt just makes me happy :)

And yes, I have addiction with all things floral!


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