Chapter 135

So Sunday was filled with church, hanging with a couple of young women from my ward, Kandrew and Elsi (Andrew and Kelsi, although this is their new names since marriage.), and watching family home videos. I haven't watched those bad boys in YEARS!! It was probably the funnest (no, not most fun, but the FUNNEST!) thing I have done in a while, and let me tell you I've done some pretty fun things lately.

ANYWHO, while we were watching I noticed there were times when mom filmed dad taking picture of us, with this crazy awesome camera. The entire time I kept saying things like: "DANG it pops! Why on earth do you not have that camera anymore???!!!" and: "I need this camera in my life." and: "I am so erked by the fact that this camera is no longer one of your possessions.."

Since I hadn't made it obvious enough how much I wanted this camera, when we were finished watching I said one more time: "Why would get rid of such an awesome camera??!" Then mom replies: "He never did. It's in the office closet upstairs." My reaction was legit: "ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!!! I just spent the past hour going on and on and on and ON about how much I need this camera, and you guys said nadda!"

I convinced dad to show it to me right away. As he brought it out of the case he said: "Now don't steal this and keep it in your room." See I kind of borrowed - slash - stole - slash - claim to be mine - slash - named his old Fender that he has had since he was a teenager. But in my defense it was sitting in the basement never being played, just collecting dust. Now it resides in my room and is now known as The Biebs. ANYWAY I might have just responded: "Uh....yeah of course." Needless to say the camera is now in my bedroom..

It is Nikon FM that he bought way back when for his mission (sometime in the 70s). And it is an absolute beauty!!! Let's just say this summer is going to ROCK with my Yashica Electro 35 GS, Nikon D3100, and the new addition Nikon FM! YOODLE YOOOOOO!!!!!!!

I wonder what other little treasures he is hiding from me..?



  1. That Nikon FM was purchased in late 1978. I matched it with the Nikkor f2 50mm prime lens. It has taken some outstanding pics over the years. And no -- neither it nor the Fender guitar are yours -- they are simply officially on loan.

  2. what a great camera! :) p.s. I emailed you. It is such a small world.

  3. Ooh, nice camera. Maybe you'd find some more goodies if you stopped stealing them ;)


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