Chapter 135

So Sunday was filled with church, hanging with a couple of young women from my ward, Kandrew and Elsi (Andrew and Kelsi, although this is their new names since marriage.), and watching family home videos. I haven't watched those bad boys in YEARS!! It was probably the funnest (no, not most fun, but the FUNNEST!) thing I have done in a while, and let me tell you I've done some pretty fun things lately.

ANYWHO, while we were watching I noticed there were times when mom filmed dad taking picture of us, with this crazy awesome camera. The entire time I kept saying things like: "DANG it pops! Why on earth do you not have that camera anymore???!!!" and: "I need this camera in my life." and: "I am so erked by the fact that this camera is no longer one of your possessions.."

Since I hadn't made it obvious enough how much I wanted this camera, when we were finished watching I said one more time: "Why would get rid of such an awesome camera??!" Then mom replies: "He never did. It's in the office closet upstairs." My reaction was legit: "ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!!! I just spent the past hour going on and on and on and ON about how much I need this camera, and you guys said nadda!"

I convinced dad to show it to me right away. As he brought it out of the case he said: "Now don't steal this and keep it in your room." See I kind of borrowed - slash - stole - slash - claim to be mine - slash - named his old Fender that he has had since he was a teenager. But in my defense it was sitting in the basement never being played, just collecting dust. Now it resides in my room and is now known as The Biebs. ANYWAY I might have just responded: "Uh....yeah of course." Needless to say the camera is now in my bedroom..

It is Nikon FM that he bought way back when for his mission (sometime in the 70s). And it is an absolute beauty!!! Let's just say this summer is going to ROCK with my Yashica Electro 35 GS, Nikon D3100, and the new addition Nikon FM! YOODLE YOOOOOO!!!!!!!

I wonder what other little treasures he is hiding from me..?


Chapter 134

No matter how many times I watch this video, my heart still manages to melt!




Chapter 133

To be honest, I haven't worn earrings on a regular basis for 3 or 4 years now, but there are SO many that I have stumbled upon while shopping the past few months that I couldn't say no. I still don't wear them everyday, but they certainly add a little "je ne sait pas" to an outfit! The chunkier, the better.

I just discovered this online store, called Shabby Apple, a few weeks ago and I am in love with every single dress! They are pretty steep price wise, but every single dress is modest!

Close this window

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Close this window

Have a fantabulous Saturday!



Chapter 132

So here are the official pictures of my new bedroom!!!!

The Hooks

The Bed
The Desk

The Shelf
The Record player

Then of course my bookshelf, closet and dresser that I have already blogged about.

Have a happy Friday!



Chapter 131

I am so ready for summer, it's not even funny!!!!!!!!! I'm planning to check a few of these items off my summer wish list!

Floral Dress

Some sort of Maxi dress

Maxi Skirt

Bathing Suits

Cover up

New Straw Hat

Let the summer begin!!


Chapter 130

Is anyone else just as thrilled as I am that Scotty McCreery won Idol?!!! Don't get me wrong, I am a huge Lauren fan, but leaned more towards Scotty just because his voice is knee weakening! Absolutely LOVE his single! Perfect cheesy country song!!!

Lauren's single is a winner too!!!

All in all I was super impressed with this season! America made up for not giving the Idol Crown to Bowersox last year. Job well done, job well done!



Chapter 129

Sundays are my favourite, especially when we end up at Larsons.

He ain't heavy, he's my brother

Eat your heart out Hannah Montana
Well I am off to do some more "putting-things-on-the-wall" in my room.




Chapter 128

Decided to do something new with my hair today.

[Don't mind the random pieces of hair flying around, my ceiling fan was on !]

I just needed my hair off neck, so I just wrapped it around my head. Did the trick!!


Chapter 127

So it's official, I am moving into my brother's old bedroom this weekend! I already started with my closet and bookshelf. It took over 3 hours to get it the way I wanted it.

Andrew had this really small bookshelf that we were going to throw away, but then I had a brilliant beyond brilliant idea! Carried it over to the closet, shoved it in and organized all my purses! See, they used to piled on the floor and I could never find the one I was looking for, would get discouraged and just grab the first one I touched. NOW they are all organized, and I must say, I am uber proud of this mini accomplishment!

Other side

Wanted to something different with my bookshelf. So I did!
I'll keep you all posted on the move! Until then listen to some Angus and Julia Stone. They are the best!




Chapter 126

I have always wanted to go to Value Village during their 50% event, but have either been busy or working. But FINALLY after what seemed like forever, I got to go on Monday. Spent under 70$, and found some great items!!!!! So here goes the never ending haul:

Pink Kitten Heels - 3.50$
Naturalizer Heels - 3.99$

Tapestry Bag - 3.50$

Leather Briefcase - 6.99$

Four Silk Scarves - 0.99$ each

Scarf - 1.50$
Belt - 0.99$
Cream Blazer - 6.50$

Black Blazer - 7.50$

Floral Blouse - 1.50$

Blouse - 2.99$

4 Records - 1.99$ each

Silver platers - 1.99$

Vase - 1.99$

Earrings - 1.50$

Earrings - 0.50$

Earrings - 0.99$

I must add, I am really enjoying fiddling around with my camera and finding new effects!!!

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