Chapter 112

Does anyone else get really excited on payday? Well I am hands down one of those people who loves to spend my money. OK I don't blow all my money out, I try to put at least half of my paycheck into a separate savings account where I can't touch it. Today I went downtown to pick up some new make-up and to just get out of the house for a couple hours. I ended up also buying a shirt from UO that I've wanted for a few months now and it was only 9.99$!!!!! SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sephora Correcting Smoothing Primer - 18$

Mac Pro Longwear SPF10 Foundation - 35.50$

And the madness of March has begun!!!!! I know it is completely random that I actually love watching NCAA basketball. I've grown up with the tournament in my home, and been used to having the TV reserved for 2-3 weeks by my dad and brothers. Last year I was completely devastated when Butler lost to Duke. I do love Duke, but I was really routing for Butler. Our family has, and always will be Orangemen at heart, and route for Syracuse, but I must say I really want Butler to win it this year. We are pretty much the only family in our ward who is not a BYU fan....although I must say this year they look pretty promising with Jimmer, so it will be interesting to see how far they go!

ANYWAY hope you all have an fantabulous Friday!!


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  1. Love that top! Its gorgeous xxx



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