Chapter 110

Ever since Wednesday I have had the most disgusting cough, cold, headache, fever (finally broke on Friday), bleh. It has been awful! My voice is absolutely PATHETIC!! I sound like a little boy who is going through puberty, awesome-pawesome...not! It's weird because Wednesday morning I felt completely healthy, went to my ASL class, then all of a sudden the last half hour of my class my ears felt like I was under water, my head started pounding, and I got ridiculously cold, I couldn't stop shivering. The bus ride home was the longest ride ever! What usually takes 40 minutes, took over an hour!!! It was horrible! I even have pictures to prove how normal I was in the morning!
Nothing worse then getting ready, feeling great, loving the way you look then all of a sudden being hit with sickness....I hate winter....

Yesterday Kelsi, Andrew and I worked on the wedding invitations pretty much ALL DAY!!!!! It was surprisingly not as exhausting that I thought it would be. We sprawled on the dinning table, jamming to music. Then we relocated to the basement and watched Les Miserables (I don't think I need to mention again how amazing it is...but I will. UH-MAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). It was pretty much torture not being able to sing along, and every time I attempted I sounded like Miley Cyrus and everyone would start laughing at me, even I couldn't help myself.

Back in December, when Meana had a cold, we decided to name her cold/sick man voice "Andy". I have just decided that mine is called "Theodore". Turns out Meana is been visited by Andy, and I have been visited by Theodore, so we are having a double date soon. And yes we are that weird. I'm pretty sure we are best friends because no one else would accept our weirdness!

I don't know if I mentioned this in a past post (that sounds odd...) but oh well. I BOUGHT MY BRIDESMAID DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....and shoes!! After months of plans being messed up about dresses, Kelsi finally decided for all 7 girls to buy a black dress of their own style and then we will make a sash out of emerald green satin to wrapped around our waist and tied in the back. It is literally so impossible to describe my dress, and every time I do it sounds absolutely repulsive, when it is far from! So I will not attempt it. I am getting it tailored next week, so I will post some pictures later on! My shoes are just nude patent leather pumps and they are STUNNING! It is so hard for me not to wear them until the wedding...BOO!!!!!!! I know this is pretty shallow to say, but I get such a thrill when I purchase a knew pair of heels, makes me feel grown up.

Just look at these beauties!
Hopefully Theodore will be gone by my next post!!

Happy Sunday!


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