Chapter 106

Back in June I posted about the band Behind Sapphire from Vancouver, British Columbia. I was introduced by a mutual friend and fell in love with them! I have never met such a genuine guys in my entire life. I wasn't able to see them again until Wednesday. I have been waiting for weeks for our reunion and was thrilled to see them and catch up! Last year I only met Grant, Matthew and Steven, their bassist for some reason wasn't around when I met them, but this year I was able to meet their new electric guitarist, Lindsay, and bassist, Brayden, and they are both super chill, and just as awesome as the rest of the guys.

They are touring Canada again and stopped by Ottawa for a few days. They came to institute on Wednesday and did a little mini performance for the YSA and everyone became smitten, then again who couldn't? Then Thursday I spent the entire day with them. It was great being a tag along for the day. Skating (I've have mentioned this before...I don't skate, I walk), eating beaver tails, random performances at Carleton University, driving around Ottawa packed into the van, sound check, and their amazing performance at Mercury Lounge. And to top it all off, their last song they dedicated to Mle and Kira, and everyone for supporting and showing up for the show then.....they said my NAME!! Ok yeah it's not a huge deal, but look I have never had a song dedicated to me, so having a song partly dedicated to me (however small) was just amazing! Honestly I can not tell you how much I love these guys!!

Last year at Parliament
Being eaten by Grant's coat....

These boys!!
I got excited because I finally bought one of their t-shirts and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I made them promise that they won't make this just an annual trip, that they need to visit more often and play some more shows! Hopefully it can happen!

Here are a couple songs, take a listen, you won't regret it!

Grant Cassell - Vocals/Glockenspiel
Matthew Mazankowski - Guitar/Vocals
Steven Ward - Drums/Percussion
Brayden Pichor - Bass/Vocals
Lindsay Sjoberg - Guitar/Vocals



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