Chapter 103

So admit, I am feel like I am lacking a bit in my blog, but I promise to do a few more posts here and there just to give everyone an update on life and stuff!!

This past week was reading week so I had the entire week off!!! Monday was "Family Day", some day here in Ontario that allows families to spend quality time together, and since my family and I are all nerds we actually spend the day together (because clearly we don't spend enough time together :D) Total spur of the moment we decided to go down to States to do some shopping. I bought a SUPER cute polka dot skirt and stripped shirt from Target.
I'm kind of bit obsessed with the store, not going to lie!! When we got to Salmon Run mall we went to the usual: FYE, Bath and Body Works, blah blah. I was super mad because I found a Bieber blanket for only 20$, but my parents (and Andrew...the little conspirator) were not having any of it. They also had cardboard life-size Biebers for sale, even I think that is a little much.

After a beautiful dinner at Sbarros (mmm) we made our way home. I'm not going to lie being in the car is close to being my favourite thing about trips. Candy, Smart Food, and Broadway music, so it's pretty much the best!!! I love how my family is totally not the typical family while traveling. Yes there are times when we nap, listen to our own iPods but most of the time we blast Broadway music and sing along like some crazies!!! And I love every minute of it!!

Tuesday and Thursday I worked...bleh. But on Wednesday we got the 25th Anniversary of Les Miserables on Blu-Ray in the mail, so yes on my day off I watched it.....twice. And then Thursday after work I watched the Little Mermaid Broadway version. The entire show is on Youtube. So in two days I spent 8 hours watching Broadway musicals...yes I am special!

Then on Friday we went down to Toronto for a couple days. My parents and Andrew went to the temple with Kelsi and her family so I stayed at Adam and Alicia's apartment. Adam had to work that night, so Alicia and I had a girls night filled with Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Flight of the Concords, Persuasion, hot chocolate, petting their cat (and my nephew) Owen, and just talking. We ended up staying up until 4 AM. Owen slept on the Futton with me, and spent the entire night resting his head on my feet DAWWWWW!!!!!!!!! I love that putty!!!!

The next morning we had to wake up pretty early to get a good day of shopping out of it. We went to Honest Ed's, (the most amazing store in Toronto that is SUPER DUPER cheap!!), Kensington Market, (filled with numerous vintage and one-of-a-kind stores), China Town, and then we walked down Queen street! When we were walking back to their apartment we went to this sandwich shop called "Murray's" and had the most amazing snack ever!!! It was deep fried sweet bread filled with Nutella with melted peanut butter to dip it in. It was absolutely heavenly!!!! After that we went to a few record stores and I told them how much I want a record player, not realizing that they still have their old one so.....they gave it to me with Carole King's "Tapestry" which is one of my favs!! I still can not believe it!!!!!

Everything I bought, and got

Record Player and Tapestry

Honest Ed's - Shirt 2.99$

H&M - Circle scarf 14.99$
UO- Crop top 14.99$
UO - Cheetah Top 19.99$
Adam bought this cute one-of-a-kind credit card holder from a cute store in Kensington Market, and I absolutely love it!!!

This week was stuffed pack with: 14 hours of traveling, 8 hours of Broadway, 8 hours of shopping, 14 hours of work, 5 hours of church, and 0 HOURS OF SCHOOL!!! All in all it was perfection!!



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  1. Not a single mention of our hangouts?
    Twin Tuesday?? HELLOOOO??


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