Chapter 102

So I thought I would do a little experiment to see how many Bieber things I have...I don't have posters everywhere...but I do have quite a lot. I will admit it is pretty pathetic for a 20 year old, but I really don't care anymore! Here goes the tally:

All 4 of his CDs
Teen Vogue, Pop Star and his bio:

Notebook paper, I am saving for something very special!! 
Door hanger. Every time he gets knocked on the floor, my family apologizes to him and hangs him back on! They even refer to it as "him"
I also have a bookmark, but I can't find it....which is depressing!
Last Friday, Monika and I went to see his new 3D movie "Never Say Never". Even though it was opening day, there were max 20 people there and they were all our age, but once the movie started we all acted like we were 10, no lie! And he legit touched my hand 20 times!!

We were excited...

REALLY excited!
And yes, the ticket made it on my memory board <3>

For sure going to see it again.

It may not seem like a lot, but he is literally my life. He has surpassed my love for Micheal Phelps, and that is saying A LOT!!! I never thought my fever for Bieber would get any worse...I was wrong.



  1. I'm your Mom and I love you.....but it's official.....you're a nut job Beks!!!!!

  2. So --- you are saying that Michael Phelps' back no longer has a place of honor in your life????? ;) ....dad


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