Chapter 101

I thought that since I haven't done an actual post in a long time, I would do a little update on what happened the past few weeks.

Tuesday Meana and I did our 2nd annual trip to the canal. For all of you who do not live in Canada, or Ottawa you may not even know about the most awesome winter event that happens during February in my beautiful city. "Winterlude" is anything and everything perfect about winter rolled up into one massive event. Skating on the canal (more like walking for Meana and I), eating beaver-tails, walking through Confederation Park looking at the amazing ice sculptures, and ice slides in Gatineau.

The one thing that has always bugged me about Canadian winters is that even though the sun may be shining and it looks like a beautiful day, it turns out to be the most windy, bitterly cold day ever!!!! Even though I have lived here my entire life, I have always been fooled by that gosh darn sun!!! And what do you know, Tuesday just so happened to be one of those days. Looked gorgeous, was definitely not so gorgeous. Once we got on the canal and started walking I said to Meana: "Oh this isn't that bad." Then when we turned around, we were BLASTED by the most disgusting cold wind ever! See we didn't notice it because the wind was to are backs....but once we turned around it was cringe worthy! So we decided to reward ourselves by going shopping!

We did quite a few running and sliding. Yes we looked ridiculous, but it was not near as embarrassing as it would have been if we were on skates!
I bought my first item ever from Zara, and let me say I am very satisfied!!! I have been needing a pair of jeans for a while and I finally found the perfect pair there!! Dark wash, skinny, and high waisted SO THRILLED!!!!!!!!
Later that night, the Young Women in our ward had a combined activity with the Relief Society, so I got to hang out with my girls!! We were making sleeping mats out of milk bags to send to Haiti, and I must say the samples that people brought looked amazing!!!!! We got a little hyper and made hats, and bracelets.
The end result of the mats:
So last week I get from a long day of school, walk into my room and see gorgeous new bedding on my bed!!! My mom bought me a Cath Kidston and Laura Ashley patchwork blanket and 2 pillow cases. Loving how my parents are buying so many things for my bedroom!!!!
Oh I also forgot to tell you about a pair of shoes I bought just over a month ago. I've been looking at these shoes for months and they finally went on sale, so I snatched them up right away! Nothings better than getting a good buy!!



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