Chapter 92

I AM OFFICIALLY 20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So weird! I am two decades old...and no longer a teenager. Kind of sad but kind of awesome at the same time! Let me give you a little break down of my birthday. Spent the day at Larson's and watched Spiderman with Matt. Then went back home, opened my presents, watched "Boy Meets World", went back to Larson's to open their present, then the family and I went to The Works, and last but not least Andrew and I went to see "Country Strong".
Now for a little bit more details. From Kelsi's family I got a snowflake watch. Her mom said that every winter baby should own a snowflake watch. What a little sweetheart!! Then from Andrew I got a Lion King picture for my bedroom. From mom and dad I got 2 Cath Kidston bags, a Pottery Barn wall decoration, and a memory board (still on it's way form Ebay). The Larson's might have been the most amazing gift ever!!! The got me: a Popstar magazine with Justin Bieber all over. Each kid doodled on one of the pictures and left me a birthday note. Then the got me a Justin Bieber bookmark, doorknob hanger, note paper, and quiz. It makes me feel like I am still 12 and I love it!!!
Then Saturday night I had my party with a few girlfriends. We went downtown to Tucker's Marketplace (the most incredible all you can eat buffet), and walked around parliament for a bit.
I have a feeling this year is going to be a good one!!!


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  1. Don't feel too old...This looks like a blast! I can't wait to see Country Strong.
    Kristina J.


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