Chapter 5

Here are a few pictures of my new bangs!!!


Chapter 4

Today we lost an absolute visionary, Alexander Mcqueen! Death should not have taken him so soon :( Here are just few pieces from his spring 2010 collection. A small sample of such a brilliant and creative man!

You will be greatly missed <3


Chapter 3

Here are a few of my top picks from Forever 21 right now. I am ridiculously obsessed with florals!!!


Chapter 2

So a family that go to our church have a set of twins who are about 7 years old. For school they were asked to think of a way to raise money to send to Haiti. Caleb decided that he was going to make cupcakes, while Noa decided to make bracelets. My mom ordered 6 cupcakes, and a few bracelets. The bracelets are so darling! It's touching to see kids doing what they can to help :)


Chapter 1

So today I bought a pair of Olympic mittens!!!!! I absolutely love them! I'm not going to lie, I much prefer the summer olympics to winter, but this year since Canada is hosting the games, I have to admit I am pretty stoked!! I mean lets face it, Canada doesn't do amazing, but come on I have to cheer on my country! GO CANADA GO!!!!

I am so happy that my reading week is during the games. Pretty much just planning on watching it for the whole week I have off...my essays will just have to wait.

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