Chapter 91

Yesterday I was finally able to go Boxing week Shopping with Meana. We went downtown and shopped the day away!!! First we went to Rideau Mall and then down to UO, then we did a much needed thrift stop at Value Village (yes it is our second home!) I didn't buy that much, but what I did buy was super cute!!!

Value Village - Bag 7.99
Value Village - Silk Blouse 7.999Urban Planet - Circle Scarf 5.00
I also bought a pair of leggings from American Apparel that I wanted for the longest time but couldn't convince myself to buy since they were really expensive. But I finally talked myself into it :D

My brother, Adam, and his girlfriend, Alicia, came down for a few days this week. Monday we had our second Christmas with them. I was totally surprised with their gift. Definitely was NOT expecting it!!!

Sephora Collector Make-Up Set!!!
They also got me a gift card for UO. I didn't see anything that I liked enough at the store, so I might just buy a couple things online and pay for shipping.

Hope you all have an AMAZING New Years!!



  1. I have been dying for a circle scarf! Yours looks nice :)

    And that is one heavy duty make-up collection there!!

  2. But you forgot to mention the trip to Ikea!


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