Chapter 89

So this Christmas is amazing, as always! Here are just a few things that I got:

Cath Kidston Saddle Bag - I did not expect it AT ALL!!! SOOO HAPPY!!!!
Justin Bieber Biography - YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pottery Barn Desk Accesories - Another gift I did not expect, since my parents told me they would never buy them for me. Those little sneaks!!!!
Every year we each get a 10$ gift card to Itunes. This year I bought Slow Club's CD "Yeah So" and He is We's new CD "My Forever". Both are definitely worth it!!! LOVE THEM!!!!
I also got: a pashmina, the Uglies box set, Boy Meets World season 4, a Pottery Barn wall decoration, and others :D


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