Chapter 85

I've decided to start something new on this blog. I am going to be featuring!! I don't know who I will be featuring down the road, or what even, but I thought I should at least share with you my favourite bloggers, designers, artists, photographers, along the way. So here goes the first ever feature post on A Mile in her Shoes!! How EXCITING!!!!!!

Meet Gillian Ree, the founder and creative genius behind "Grace Like Rain".
I first came across Gillian through her tumblr and soon learned that she makes beautiful (I am talking GORGEOUS!) accessories! Then I "liked" GLR's Facebook page, Gillian then added me as a friend and to the Facebook group. I emailed her just a few days ago asking her if I could write a feature on her accessories, and she was very stoked about the idea.

Now a little bit of background of Grace Like Rain. During a gap year in England, Gillian was inspired by her beautiful surroundings and all the amazing people she was meeting. She began to make headbands, just as a simple hobby. She would fine interesting pieces at markets and could see them on headbands. Her friends quickly started to ask her where she bought, and when she told them that she had made them, they immediately encouraged her to start selling them.

Now here are my absolute favourites from her site. I do love them all, but here are some top picks:

Adina - 25$
Abigail - 22$
Benjamin - 25$
Isaac - 25$
Shiloh - 15$
Zibiah - 12$
Gillian vision is all about making one of a kind accessories as beautiful and unique as the girls who they are made for, celebrating the one-of-a-kind beauty in all of creation.
"The products themselves are representations of the unique beauty everywhere in the world. I love coming up with new ideas that sometimes work, sometimes don't but either way it is important for me to put something in to the world that wasn't there before. The art of creation is such a powerful gift and it is so special to be contributing to that." - Gillian Ree

Make sure to check out her site. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!! Now remember, everything on the site is one-of-a-kind, so if you see anything you want buy it! When it's sold, it's

Lots of love,


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