Chapter 83

Webcam round two!!

Meana and I went to Value Village (again) last night and I was finally able to find my Christmas sweater!!!!! SOOO HAPPY!!! I also bought a cardigan and a really pretty floral cami.

When we went shopping, there was kind of a blizzard outside, so obviously the car got covered in snow and ice, so Meana had to scrape it off. It was pretty entertaining!!! Olive her!

Next when we went to the Superstore, and when we got back, the car was covered...AGAIN!!!! So I cleaned it for her. YOU'RE WELCOME!!!!!!! :D
Here are some pictures of my purchases last night:

Joe Fresh - Mint Green Nail polish 4.00
Value Village - Christmas Sweater 4.99
Value Village - Cardigan 7.99
Value Village - Rose Cami 4.99
Also last night I went to "The Works" with a bunch of YSA (Young Single Adults). All of you are probably wondering what The Works is. Well let me tell you! It is a famous restaurant here in Ottawa that makes gourmet burgers. Now when I say gourmet, I mean RANDOM!!!! They have every kind of burger imaginable, and have the strangest things you can put on it (ex: peanut butter....weird I know). If any of you make a trip to Ottawa in your life, you HAVE to go to The Works, it is the best!
It was kind of an event last night, because two of girls had never eaten at The Works, so 16 of us went after institute to chow down. The waiter was pretty hilarious! By far the best waiter I have ever had. He was really chill and acted as though he was part of our group. Well when my brother and I get there Tom (the waiter) is just sitting down with the group and talking. Mle, and everyone else decided to pretend it was birthday (even though it is in a month!). I kept telling him it wasn't, and I thought he believed me because he didn't mention it the entire time. That is until we paid. He told me to wait because he had something for me. He ran to the kitchen and came back with a card signed by the staff, and a coupon for a free burger for my next visit. I felt kind of awkward, but took it anyway. SCORE!!!!!!!

So thanks Tom!!!!! You're the best, and deserved the monster tip I gave you!!!

Well this post has kind of turned into a novel, sorry about that!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


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