Chapter 81

A day with Brigitte is always bound to be entertaining! Watched "P.S. I Love You", listened to music, got dolled up for institute, and of course our usual webcam photo-shoots.

Apparently that little chicken was hilarious!
That darn cupid, always shooting me when I least expect it.

In other news, this past Tuesday I saw Disney's newest animated movie, "Tangled". Everyone and their dog should see this movie, it is OH-SO GOOD!!!!! I am going to admit it, I cried. WHAT A SURPRISE???!! If you haven't noticed by now, I am a HUGE blubberer when it comes to movies. I have cried at every movie I have seen in theatres this year, NO LIE! There is nothing I can do about it, it's pretty pathetic, I know!
ANYWAYS, here is the best song from the movie. AH love it!!!

Why can't life be a Disney movie?


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