Chapter 78

Since Christmas is fast approaching I have been thinking of gift ideas for my family, and I am completely STUMPED!!!!!! Literally have no idea what to get anyone! I usually have all my Christmas shopping done by December, but this year I haven't even started yet!! AHH!!! Kind of spazzing out!!! It's weird that the older you get you don't really want anything. I literally have nothing that I want.....except a DSLR camera, although I know I won't be getting one since they are really expensive, but I can still dream, can't I? Other than that I do have want Lauren Conrad's books because I absolutely LOVE HER!!!!!

I had the most amazing weekend ever!!! Friday, my brother's fiance (Kelsi) slept over and we talked until 2 am. We always try to fall asleep early, but we end up talking for hours. I loves her!!!

Saturday I read all day and worked on an essay, but at 3 I went out with my friends (Mitch, Harrison and Brigitte) to China Town. I am a ridicucously eater, but I tried something new and loved it! After that we went to Santa Claus parade, which was an absolute BLAST!!! Who doesn't love standing in the snow with friends, waving at people on floats, excited to see Santa. Made me feel like a kid again!! Then we came back to my place and watched ELF!!!!!!! One of the greatest Christmas movies of all TIME!!! Both Brigitte and Kelsi slept over that night, luckily we didn't stay up too late, or we would have been wooped for church the next morning!

Sunday we went to Larson's and just hung out after church. Love them, they're pretty much family!

Well I am off to get my hair cut!! Nothing too drastic, just a trim :D Hope you all had a great weekend!!



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  1. Hint for dad for Christmas -- Sting in Berlin BlueRay!!!


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