Chapter 75

Wow I haven't posted in a few days, WEIRD!!! Well this past weekend has been average compared to last weekend (WICKED!!) But I must say HP7 was ridiculously amazing!!!!! I watched the sizth one a few hours before the movie to get pumped up while I made my Luna Lovegood costume. My homemade costume would have been amazing BUT the glasses broke...so depressing! So I didn't go as her...just went as my normal self. The movie itself was soooo good!!!! It did feel like a half of a movie, since it pretty much is. But I was still really impressed.
I need to see it again ASAP!!!!!!!!

So Saturday, while on my break at work, I noticed a sign in Costa Blanca that almost killed me: 40% off EVERYTHING!!! I know I am so easily persuaded to spend my money. I need help. I do money in savings, but I still spend when I really shouldn't. I am hoping that writing this will clear my conscience. Well I only bought thing and it was only 15$. A cute bat winged top and I love it! It just makes me feel excited for Christmas when I wear it :D These pictures aren't too good, but you kind of get the idea:
Apparently my colours on my webcam have faded which is odd.....oh well!

I am really loving Slow Club right now. Digging their sound :D

Later gators


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