Chapter 72

UPDATE!!!! I decided to make a new header for my blog, and I must say it took me forever to decide because I had made quite a few. But I have finally decided on the one I have right now. What do you all think?
In other news.....MY BROTHER IS ENGAGED!!!!!! I couldn't hold it in any longer! I've known for a few weeks now, but he finally "popped" the question last night right before institute! NAWWW!!!! I am officially the only single member in my family....GREAT!!!! But then again this picture makes a valid point:
So in your face fam jam!!

So something has really been tripping me out for the past few days! As I mentioned Dawson just went into the MTC yesterday, but it still says he is online for Skype. I am convinced that someone back home is using his laptop. Every time I see it I'm like: "DAWSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......................oh wait......never mind!" -_-


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