Chapter 67

Last night was a pretty sad night. My best friend is leaving for his mission to Edmonton Ablerta on Monday, and since I am away this weekend the only day that I could see him was last night. It sucks because even though we got to say goodbye, he can still go on facebook, skype and text. It still hasn't sunk in that last night was actually goodbye for the next 2 years. And how did we spend are last few hours together?...we watched HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3!!!!!!!!!! We both love it, and were planning a marathon, but life got busy and we couldn't find the right time. So watching one was better than not watching any at all. I am pretty proud of myself, I actually didn't cry when we said goodbye and haven't cried yet. It will probably sink in on Monday when I realize that he is on a plane, and although he will be in the same country, I will not be able to see, or phone him.
Last picture together for the next two years :(

Last institute class

Words can not express how proud I am of him. I know he will be an amazing missionary. Health, safety, and all my love! See you in two years!!!


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