Chapter 79

Here is my new haircut !! Just 4 inches, doesn't look like a lot, but I feel kind of naked without all that hair. I love my haircut thought :D

Me and my dad's guitar ( although I call it mine, and even named him: Justin Bieber <3)


Chapter 78

Since Christmas is fast approaching I have been thinking of gift ideas for my family, and I am completely STUMPED!!!!!! Literally have no idea what to get anyone! I usually have all my Christmas shopping done by December, but this year I haven't even started yet!! AHH!!! Kind of spazzing out!!! It's weird that the older you get you don't really want anything. I literally have nothing that I want.....except a DSLR camera, although I know I won't be getting one since they are really expensive, but I can still dream, can't I? Other than that I do have want Lauren Conrad's books because I absolutely LOVE HER!!!!!

I had the most amazing weekend ever!!! Friday, my brother's fiance (Kelsi) slept over and we talked until 2 am. We always try to fall asleep early, but we end up talking for hours. I loves her!!!

Saturday I read all day and worked on an essay, but at 3 I went out with my friends (Mitch, Harrison and Brigitte) to China Town. I am a ridicucously eater, but I tried something new and loved it! After that we went to Santa Claus parade, which was an absolute BLAST!!! Who doesn't love standing in the snow with friends, waving at people on floats, excited to see Santa. Made me feel like a kid again!! Then we came back to my place and watched ELF!!!!!!! One of the greatest Christmas movies of all TIME!!! Both Brigitte and Kelsi slept over that night, luckily we didn't stay up too late, or we would have been wooped for church the next morning!

Sunday we went to Larson's and just hung out after church. Love them, they're pretty much family!

Well I am off to get my hair cut!! Nothing too drastic, just a trim :D Hope you all had a great weekend!!




Chapter 77

Here are just a photos of my night. Went thrifting with Meana and had a blast, as usual :D

We actually look so much alike, it's kind of frightening!

Yes, I got stuck in a sweater...

Charlie Brown sweater, FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!

Olive her!!!!


Chapter 76

Ok so I lied, apparently I had taken pictures of myself in my Luna costume before it broke..I just totally forgot about it!!! So here y'all go!!

Here are just a few shots I took of stuff in my bedroom. I was a little bored one night.

Yes I know, I have a ridiculous amount of Teen Vogues..and that's not even all of them <3

Well I am not going to be able to post for a while. School is getting a little hectic, but I will for sure have one updating my weekend because it is probably going to be the best weekend ever!!!!! I'll let you know how it all goes on Monday :D




Chapter 75

Wow I haven't posted in a few days, WEIRD!!! Well this past weekend has been average compared to last weekend (WICKED!!) But I must say HP7 was ridiculously amazing!!!!! I watched the sizth one a few hours before the movie to get pumped up while I made my Luna Lovegood costume. My homemade costume would have been amazing BUT the glasses broke...so depressing! So I didn't go as her...just went as my normal self. The movie itself was soooo good!!!! It did feel like a half of a movie, since it pretty much is. But I was still really impressed.
I need to see it again ASAP!!!!!!!!

So Saturday, while on my break at work, I noticed a sign in Costa Blanca that almost killed me: 40% off EVERYTHING!!! I know I am so easily persuaded to spend my money. I need help. I do money in savings, but I still spend when I really shouldn't. I am hoping that writing this will clear my conscience. Well I only bought thing and it was only 15$. A cute bat winged top and I love it! It just makes me feel excited for Christmas when I wear it :D These pictures aren't too good, but you kind of get the idea:
Apparently my colours on my webcam have faded which is odd.....oh well!

I am really loving Slow Club right now. Digging their sound :D

Later gators



Chapter 74

Anyone who is a Harry Potter fan HAS to see this!!! I died laughing.

Tonight I am going with my brother and his fiancée (that sounds weird) and a group of people. I'm so excited, I'm dressing up as Luna Lovegood. I wanted to dress up as Hermione or Ginny, but since I am not a ginger, or have curly brown hair it wouldn't work. But I am pretty pumped to be Luna. I will for sure take pictures and post them in a few days.


Chapter 73

Just a quick little post. I started following this blog: http://stealthebubbles.blogspot.com/ and I am really liking it. Her post today is absolutely hilarious!!! She has pictures of TV stars from the 90s and a picture what they look like now. I must say Sean Hunter from Boy Meets World has gotten better looking with age!!!

Also a few months ago, Meana (http://weareallmodernlovers.blogspot.com/) sent me a link on Facebook to this song by Dave Days and Kimmi Smiles. It has officially become our favourite song! It is perfection!!!




Chapter 72

UPDATE!!!! I decided to make a new header for my blog, and I must say it took me forever to decide because I had made quite a few. But I have finally decided on the one I have right now. What do you all think?
In other news.....MY BROTHER IS ENGAGED!!!!!! I couldn't hold it in any longer! I've known for a few weeks now, but he finally "popped" the question last night right before institute! NAWWW!!!! I am officially the only single member in my family....GREAT!!!! But then again this picture makes a valid point:
So in your face fam jam!!

So something has really been tripping me out for the past few days! As I mentioned Dawson just went into the MTC yesterday, but it still says he is online for Skype. I am convinced that someone back home is using his laptop. Every time I see it I'm like: "DAWSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......................oh wait......never mind!" -_-


Chapter 71

So I have official made a Tumblr account! I love just being able to post any pictures and thoughts that just pop into my head. It's completely random and I love it. Here are just a few photos I've posted:

Check it out!


Chapter 70

I am really loving hats right now! Eventually I want to get a fedora and floppy hat :D Here are just a few hats that I am digging from Forever 21 and UO



Chapter 69

Today is a very special day to me. Two very dear friends of mine are celebrating their birthday!
Meana: This girl has been my best friend since grade 9 (wow 6 years!!!) We do the most random things and I love every minute of fun we have together! OLIVE YOU TWIN!!!!

Paula: I met Paula last year. She was an exchange student from Columbia and I miss her dearly!!!!

Happy birthday to both you! <3

What I wore today:

Have a good one!!!

Shirt: Urban Outfitters
Leggings: Costa Blanca
Cardigan: American Eagle
Scarf: Old Navy


Chapter 68

This past weekend was unreal! Got to see my brother and his girlfriend in Toronto, and best of all got to see WICKED!!!! It was better than I ever could have imagined it! The only thing that was a little disappointing was Fyero, he didn't have a strong voice, but other than that everything was perfect!!!

Hope you all had a jolly weekend!!



Chapter 67

Last night was a pretty sad night. My best friend is leaving for his mission to Edmonton Ablerta on Monday, and since I am away this weekend the only day that I could see him was last night. It sucks because even though we got to say goodbye, he can still go on facebook, skype and text. It still hasn't sunk in that last night was actually goodbye for the next 2 years. And how did we spend are last few hours together?...we watched HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3!!!!!!!!!! We both love it, and were planning a marathon, but life got busy and we couldn't find the right time. So watching one was better than not watching any at all. I am pretty proud of myself, I actually didn't cry when we said goodbye and haven't cried yet. It will probably sink in on Monday when I realize that he is on a plane, and although he will be in the same country, I will not be able to see, or phone him.
Last picture together for the next two years :(

Last institute class

Words can not express how proud I am of him. I know he will be an amazing missionary. Health, safety, and all my love! See you in two years!!!



Chapter 66

Last night the CMAs took place in Nashville Tennessee. I haven't watched them yet, but my brother and I recorded it and are planning on watching it tomorrow night. Here are a few dresses from the red carpet:

Gweneth Paltrow - I'm not a HUGE fan of the super ridiculously high slit, come on Gweneth you're a momma! Other than that I love the colours and fabric

Carrie Underwood - A lot of people are probably going to think this dress is super over the top, but I LOVE it!! She looks absolutely stunning in it!

Taylor Swift - Honestly Taylor could wear a garbage bag and look beautiful! Red is definitely her colour.

Katherine Heigl - I love how elegant she looked, and the blue is amazing!

Nicole Kidman - Saved the best for last of course. Nothing better than when a celebrity wears a completely modest dress to an award show. I love everything about her outfit! The lace, the colour, the shoes. Modest is hottest!

Since it is Remembrance Day here in Canada, I can't help but feel thankful for the freedom I have. Thanks to those who died for this freedom, the veterans, and those who are still fighting today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


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