Chapter 57

Urban Outfitters is officially open in Ottawa!!!! Yesterday was opening day, so Meana and I went together. Gosh it was so exciting!! It was pretty crazy and PACKED with people, but it was so much fun!! I wasn't planning on getting anything, since UO is ridiculously over priced, but to my surprise they had a sale section. No one knew about it since it was on the second floor. I was able to find a shirt that was marked down for $9.99!! SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


After UO, Meana and I went to Value Village for some much needed thrifting. I was so happy with what I found: a grandpa sweater (YE-YEAH!), and 2 belts. I saw some other items, but decided not to. Ah well, next time.

Ugly sweater win!

My little midget

All in all I am as happy as a kitten!


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