Chapter 62

So I am really digging the new show "The Event". I'm thinking it is the new Lost! And I LOVE IT!!! Honestly you all need to start watching it. I very strongly suggest it to every Lost fan!!!! Also the new Sugarland CD came out this week and my verdict is: AMAZING!!!!!!! It is my favourite of their 4 albums so far and I am loving it!! It's really different to what they usually do but it's great!
So this past weekend one of my close friends from Montreal came down and we walked around downtown for 6 hours!!!! The weather was perfect, actually the entire day was perfect!!! I wish it could just repeat itself over and over and over again

PS. TAYLOR SWIFT'S CD IS OUT TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Chapter 61

What I got up to last night

TOO easy!!!!!




Chapter 60

Is anyone else for Taylor Swift's new CD coming out on October 25??!!!!!!! Here are all the songs that have been released early and I very content with all of them :):)


Speak Now

Back to December (my favourite..and it is totally about Taylor Lautner)

Unfortunately I can not find a decent version of "Innocent". They are all the VMA version and are a really bad quality. So October 25th, could you please come faster, thanks!



Chapter 59

I love Ottawa in the fall!! I spent all yesterday after walking around downtown and reading on Parliament Hill. Here are a few shots I got

Here's just a couple pictures of what I wore today....I love fall!!!




Chapter 58

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!...well to Canadians that is. I guess I just share what I am thankful for.
I am thankful for my family who put up with me
I am thankful for my church that keeps me on the straight and narrow
I am thankful for friends who love me for me
I am thankful for my country and the freedom I have
I am thankful for having a roof over my head every night
I am thankful for having a meal on my diner table every night
I am thankful for education and being able to learn whatever I want to
I am thankful for the sun and that it shines through my window every morning
I am thankful for the rainy days, it makes the sunshine sweeter
I am thankful for the nature that is all around me
I am thankful for my job and being financially stable
I am thankful for smiles that make my day brighter
I am thankful for tears that keep me normal
I am thankful for mistakes that make me stronger
I am thankful for forgiveness and apologies
I am thankful for the past and learning from it
I am thankful for the present and enjoying it
I am thankful for the future, and making it my own
I am thankful for music, no matter how down I am a song can lift my spirits so high
I am thankful for the strangers who pass me by on the street and smile
I am thankful for the earth and having the chance to live in such a beautiful place
I am thankful for my life, and health
and last
I am thankful for second chances, I don't know where I would be without them
The list could go on and on.



Chapter 57

Urban Outfitters is officially open in Ottawa!!!! Yesterday was opening day, so Meana and I went together. Gosh it was so exciting!! It was pretty crazy and PACKED with people, but it was so much fun!! I wasn't planning on getting anything, since UO is ridiculously over priced, but to my surprise they had a sale section. No one knew about it since it was on the second floor. I was able to find a shirt that was marked down for $9.99!! SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


After UO, Meana and I went to Value Village for some much needed thrifting. I was so happy with what I found: a grandpa sweater (YE-YEAH!), and 2 belts. I saw some other items, but decided not to. Ah well, next time.

Ugly sweater win!

My little midget

All in all I am as happy as a kitten!


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