Chapter 55

So it is official: October is going to be the best month EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! First, I only have one assignment the entire month. Second, I am going to get to see a few friends I haven't seen since summer. Third, Urban Outfitters opens on the 7th (BOOYA!!). And last....HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to admit I am not into the scary/spooky/monsters side of halloween. I just love dressing up and hanging out with friends! This year, since halloween is on Sunday, I am going to a get together on the Saturday and we are going to party it up (dry style)!! Brigitte and I are going as goddesses, and yes we are going FULL OUT!! I'm talking togas, false eyelashes, vines in our hair, and gladiators! So excited!!!!!

Here are just a few accessories I bought a couple weeks ago.


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