Chapter 54

Last night was so amazing!!!! I am on the bus going home after a class, texting Meana. Then I get off the bus, waiting for another bus. I look up, in the middle of texting Meana and see her directly across the street from me waiting for her bus. I give her a call and we both start laughing!! It is pretty awkward talking to someone on the phone while looking at them...REALLY odd! I run over to her side of the street and we decide (total spur of the moment) to chill at her place. Literally our night consisted of talking, surfing Forever 21 and American Apparel, watching our favourite shows, eating pasta...oh and me sneaking a photo of myself on her laptop while she was away! haha!! Wanted to give her a little love!!!!


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  1. Oh, that sounds like your night turned into a fabulous time with your friend!!!

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