Chapter 50

50th post YAY!!! How exciting!!! Who would ever thought I would last this long!! Just a quick little post about my day. School was pretty amazing, and I was able to see a whole bunch of high school friends that I haven't seen in a very long time, which was kind of awkward, but still nice :) I was able to spend my hour and a half break with one of my best friends, Brigitte! It was so much fun to vent, talk, laugh, and walk around campus. After my last class I had to bus to work and pick up my key (since I am opening tomorrow...ugh), and as I walked past Coles bookstore I noticed that the October edition of Teen Vogue has Justin Bieber on the cover. I haven't bought a Teen vogue in a year, but what can I say, I got Bieber fever BBAADDDDDDD!!!!! I mean come on, who can resist this face?

Let's just say it made my day <3 Here are just a few pictures of what I wore today
shirt - H&M
belt - thrift
skinny jeans - Forever 21




  1. 50 posts? YIPEE :)

    Beiberrrrrrr Feverrrrrrrr !!!

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  2. Loving the putfit- Really suits you! :)


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