Chapter 49

Well the first week of classes is done, and so far I am loving second year at Carleton University!!! Even though I have only had 2 of my 4 courses so far, I am really enjoying them. I rather enjoy watching the first years running around with their schedule and maps, just like I did last year! It is so weird how time flies so quickly!!!
I just found out yesterday that Urban Outfitters is finally coming to Ottawa! I flipped out!!! All that we need now is H&M, and Forever 21 and I will be set. Is that too much to ask for?
Well since UO opening soon I have decided to make a miniature wish-list so I will be ready once it is opened!




  1. The Ecote canvas backpack and the YAYA dual colored sweater are my absolute favorites on the website!
    So excited!

  2. haha yea UO! We have one at west ed that I go look in like everyday:P
    Holy you went shoe crazy! and omg i love you're style! it is so amazing!:)


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