Chapter 48

So here are all the things i bought while on vacation:

Shoes - all from Payless

Nine West Purse- 15$!! and yes it is real!!

Purse Thrifted 2.99$!!

Earrings from Payless

Maybeline lipstick - 005 Pink Sand

Clinique lipstick - 06 RED RED RED. I absolutely LOVE this colour!!! so amazing!!

Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion and Maybeline Falsies - both amazing!!! Highly recommend if you want fuller, longer lashes

Fructis body booster and curl constructor mousse

Pure Ice nail polish - 538 CP French Kiss

Shirt - Old Navy, belt thrifted

Blouse - thrifted

Blazer - thrifted. SO happy I finally got a blazer!!! Been wanting one for a while!!

Ralph Lauren Polo Blazer - thrifed 10$!!!!!!!!!!!

Cardigan - L.L. Bean

Tunic/Blouse - Old Navy

Knit Sweater - Forever 21

Scarf - Old Navy

Hippie headband - H&M

There is also a pair of blue skinny jeans from Forever 21, a shirt from H&M, another shirt from Old Navy, a shirt I got thrifting, and a beanie from Gap. They are in the wash so I will post them probably tomorrow :)



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