Chapter 47

IM BACK!!!!!!! These past 2 1/2 weeks have been unbelievable!! Every year we go to Ocean Park, I seem to fall in love with it even more!! The first week, my oldest brother came down with his girlfriend Alicia. It was great because both of them love shopping, and appreciate fashion and style just as much as me. I'll post pictures of everything I bought in another post (it will be TOO much if I put it on this post haha) My mom's birthday was that Monday, so we went to a seafood restaurant right by the ocean called Yellowfins. It was sooo pretty, and really great to be with family. One of our close friends Jessica (who lives in Biddeford, 5 minutes away from Ocean Park) was able to come and spend a lot of the 2 weeks with us. The first 3 days it rained and was cold...super depressing. We went shopping, but I just wanted to be on the beach! Finally the rain passed on Thursday and we were able to hit the beach!! I was able to read all three of my books I brought (Charlie St. Cloud, The Last Song and Dear John) and they were all SOOO good!!! Dear John wasn't near as good as the other 2, but it was still and enjoyable read.
After Adam and Alicia left, family friends of ours, the Moffatts and Rollins, came down for the last week. It was bitter sweet because the Moffatts were moving back to the States and it was hard to say goodbye...fortunately I didn't cry! The weather was perfect everyday, except for when the after effects of Hurricane Earl were passing through, but we just went shopping :) On the Saturday after hurricane Earl, we had crazy waves!!! I'm talking 10 footers!!!! It made not seem that big to some, but for Ocean Park, it was ridiculous!!!!!!! On the Sunday we went to Portland Head, a stunning lighthouse, in Portland (DUH!) Just a 2 minute walk from the lighthouse is a fort built during WW2 (Fort Williams) We go every year, and it is just so much fun!!!
On the Moffats and Rollins last day we spent it at the beach (obviously) then went to this amazing seafood restaurant The Captain's Galley, to celebrate Xander's sweet sixteen birthday! It was great fun!! After that we went back to their cottage and looked at all the pictures we all took on the TV. I love how every year the memories seem to be more beautiful!! Once we finished, it was time for us to say goodbye.
We were supposed to go home the next day too, but decided to stay another day :) The beach was absolutely DEAD!!!! It was the day after labour day, so everyone had gone home! And now I am home again. I must say it is good to be back, and I can't wait to start my second year classes today!! SO PUMPED!!!!!

View from our cottage

Portland Head

I miss it already!!


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