Chapter 56

I have just changed from using Safari to Google Chrome and I love it!!! It is quite girly of me, but my favourite has got to be that you can have a "theme" for your browser. There were so many to choose from and I will probably end up changing it every few weeks :) Right now I have as Rebecca Taylor:

In a week or so my living room, downstairs and upstairs hallway are being painted!!! So excited!! I have been hinting for my bedroom to be re-painted for the past year, but I think it might actually happen next year (fingers crossed). I just want to completely redesign my room, and make it more sophisticated and organized. I was checking out the Pottery Barn Teen website and was drooling. I know I know, it is crazily expensive, but a girl can dream can't she?


Chapter 55

So it is official: October is going to be the best month EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! First, I only have one assignment the entire month. Second, I am going to get to see a few friends I haven't seen since summer. Third, Urban Outfitters opens on the 7th (BOOYA!!). And last....HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to admit I am not into the scary/spooky/monsters side of halloween. I just love dressing up and hanging out with friends! This year, since halloween is on Sunday, I am going to a get together on the Saturday and we are going to party it up (dry style)!! Brigitte and I are going as goddesses, and yes we are going FULL OUT!! I'm talking togas, false eyelashes, vines in our hair, and gladiators! So excited!!!!!

Here are just a few accessories I bought a couple weeks ago.



Chapter 54

Last night was so amazing!!!! I am on the bus going home after a class, texting Meana. Then I get off the bus, waiting for another bus. I look up, in the middle of texting Meana and see her directly across the street from me waiting for her bus. I give her a call and we both start laughing!! It is pretty awkward talking to someone on the phone while looking at them...REALLY odd! I run over to her side of the street and we decide (total spur of the moment) to chill at her place. Literally our night consisted of talking, surfing Forever 21 and American Apparel, watching our favourite shows, eating pasta...oh and me sneaking a photo of myself on her laptop while she was away! haha!! Wanted to give her a little love!!!!



Chapter 53

A few months ago my best friend Tyler got his mission call to serve in the Tokyo Japan Mission. In my religion (Latter Day Saint) once the young men in our church turn 19, they are encouraged to serve a full-time mission for 2 years. For these two years they follow strict rules (no TV, music, certain dress standards, etc.) and preach the gospel to a certain area of the world, with another full-time missionary. During this time, they are only allowed to email their family (call them on Christmas and Mothers Day) but can only write everyone else through letters. He leaves this Tuesday, so of course today was his last Sunday. He invited us to take part in his setting a part as a full-time missionary. It was so hard to hug him for the last time before he got set a part (once they are set a part they are not permitted to have any physical contact with women). I am going to miss him so much! But I know he is doing the right thing and I couldn't be more proud of him! I have known him since grade 7, and let me tell you it has been quite a dramatic friendship with a lot of bumps along the road (mostly my fault :S), but I am glad he is one of best friends!! From childhood crush, to first date, to fights, to awkwardness, to more fights, to finally just friends! It has been a roller-coaster of a ride, but I wouldn't change it for anything!!

It was hard to say goodbye, and I know the next few months are going to be pretty emotional, but I am so excited for him!! Good Luck Elder Keith, you will be missed <3


PS. My other best friend, Dawson leaves in November for his mission to the Edmonton Alberta Mission...not looking forward to let go of him either, but I know it has to be done!


Chapter 52

Even though I have the most AMAZING classes this year (British Literature, Childrens Literature, American History, History of Music 1940s-present, and American Sign Language), I have the biggest reading load EVER!!!!! So far I am really enjoying it, but just staring at my multiple stacks of school books all over my room is exhausting.

And yes I am wearing grubby pink sweatpants, a baggy t-shirt and my at-home-bun. It isn't even a month into school and I am already wearing my at-home studying outfit. Cute, eh?....



Chapter 51

Right now I am really digging this band called Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. They have such a raw, grunge sound. I absolutely love it!!! I feel like I am at Woodstock every time I hear them :)

What do you guys think?



Chapter 50

50th post YAY!!! How exciting!!! Who would ever thought I would last this long!! Just a quick little post about my day. School was pretty amazing, and I was able to see a whole bunch of high school friends that I haven't seen in a very long time, which was kind of awkward, but still nice :) I was able to spend my hour and a half break with one of my best friends, Brigitte! It was so much fun to vent, talk, laugh, and walk around campus. After my last class I had to bus to work and pick up my key (since I am opening tomorrow...ugh), and as I walked past Coles bookstore I noticed that the October edition of Teen Vogue has Justin Bieber on the cover. I haven't bought a Teen vogue in a year, but what can I say, I got Bieber fever BBAADDDDDDD!!!!! I mean come on, who can resist this face?

Let's just say it made my day <3 Here are just a few pictures of what I wore today
shirt - H&M
belt - thrift
skinny jeans - Forever 21




Chapter 49

Well the first week of classes is done, and so far I am loving second year at Carleton University!!! Even though I have only had 2 of my 4 courses so far, I am really enjoying them. I rather enjoy watching the first years running around with their schedule and maps, just like I did last year! It is so weird how time flies so quickly!!!
I just found out yesterday that Urban Outfitters is finally coming to Ottawa! I flipped out!!! All that we need now is H&M, and Forever 21 and I will be set. Is that too much to ask for?
Well since UO opening soon I have decided to make a miniature wish-list so I will be ready once it is opened!




Chapter 48

So here are all the things i bought while on vacation:

Shoes - all from Payless

Nine West Purse- 15$!! and yes it is real!!

Purse Thrifted 2.99$!!

Earrings from Payless

Maybeline lipstick - 005 Pink Sand

Clinique lipstick - 06 RED RED RED. I absolutely LOVE this colour!!! so amazing!!

Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion and Maybeline Falsies - both amazing!!! Highly recommend if you want fuller, longer lashes

Fructis body booster and curl constructor mousse

Pure Ice nail polish - 538 CP French Kiss

Shirt - Old Navy, belt thrifted

Blouse - thrifted

Blazer - thrifted. SO happy I finally got a blazer!!! Been wanting one for a while!!

Ralph Lauren Polo Blazer - thrifed 10$!!!!!!!!!!!

Cardigan - L.L. Bean

Tunic/Blouse - Old Navy

Knit Sweater - Forever 21

Scarf - Old Navy

Hippie headband - H&M

There is also a pair of blue skinny jeans from Forever 21, a shirt from H&M, another shirt from Old Navy, a shirt I got thrifting, and a beanie from Gap. They are in the wash so I will post them probably tomorrow :)



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